Anything before march 8th 2024 is not archived
5/12/24: changed song of the week, new update/post 5/12/24: Changed song of the week, made sotw-archive accessible 5/6/24: Change song of the week, added mermay 2024 page and list. 4/14/24: changed song of the week 4/3/24: changed song of the week 3/30/24:added guest book 3/26/24: changed about page to match newer color pallet (2); updated my liked stuff, Fixed minecraft article that broke when i removed unused css. added archive page, added screenshots and notes to the archive page; fixed the stretched wizard png on the goatlings page; Fixed the broken links on the home page; Added homepage layout to both resources and links page. Added various resources to resource page from my own stockpile; added links to link page; Hit 1000 updates; fixed the links of the 2 game pages so that for now it goes to the not found page; added navigation to the shrine nav; added full-update log. 3/25/24:migrated the css for the navigation pages to its own css file; fixed shrine nav, sitemap and tutorial nav; Fixed the nav bar on the art page, updated newest art on the art page; Removed some unused css from the main css file; migrated the css that is in the homepage and the goatlings page to the main css file; removed scm music player because it interferes with archiving 3/24/24: updated song of the week 3/21/24: added onion and fish to the tama box 3/13/24: remembered song of the week, updated it 3/8/24: changed site layout a bit, may change it back