Version 1 of the juice

I dont have any screenshots but i used this layout from, i only had one page at the time.

Version 2 of the juice

i used this layout from awhe on the homepage and a different one on the about page.

this was the about page, layout from the same source. I know that it also had links on it but those pages were empty.

Version 3 of the juice

this one was the first one i coded completely by myself. its kinda ugly but i really liked it at the time so im indiferent to it.

this screenshot is newer but i havent changed the layout from when its been introduced. i made it around this time and implemented it then

it changed color pallets but the about page is almost exactly the same.

Version 4-5 of the juice


Version 6 of the juice

this is the current version of the juice. If i dont wanna count the very very first version which was just the neocities default page edited to link to my other socials, then this is techincally version 5. But i do count version 1 its just not listed here as version here. very minor changes here on the index page.

tis the art gallery as it is as im updating it. arts different layout is the same

about me page same story different page

the fun page

the cd collection page from 2024


sitemap, the writing navigation page looks the same